About Julie A Algrim

I am a Mom of two grown children and have worked as an office manager and doctor's assistant in my career but my very first job was selling homes. I have been involved with Racine Unified PTAs for both of my children which really gave me an opportunity to see what is going on in our community. Our family has always loved the Racine Zoo so I became involved with the Racine Zoo Board and the fundraising for the Zoo. I think of this as a special jewel that we have along with Lake Michigan. When I talk about homes in Racine, I always talk about these two amazing assets. These jobs have taught me to organize and explain how to's to not only my children but also patients, staff and clients. These are crucial skills in helping you to buy or sell your home.

You need someone to make sure you understand and to get the job done without missing a step! I am going to make sure that your buying or selling experience is a pleasant and a successful one. Home selling and buying is personal and you want to like and trust who you work with in what for most of us is your biggest investment you make, both personally and financially.


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